Computing devices – Building a Computer

When creating a computer, there are a number associated with different pieces of hardware you’ll need. I will first list all of the required items.

– Computer Situation
– Motherboard
– CPU & Enthusiast
– Hard Drive

Computer Situation
This one is pretty simple to choose, just go for one you prefer the look of and make certain there is enough room for the motherboard. They usually always provide you with the dimensions of the case as well as motherboard, so just make sure they can fit.

The motherboard is possibly the main part of your computer since it connects everything together and allows these phones communicate. Everything plugs into the actual motherboard.

CPU & Fan
The CPU or central processing unit may be the brain of the system, it’s where all the calculations occur. One of the hottest aspects of a computer is the CPU therefore it requires its own fan.

Hard disk
The hard drive is where all of your information is stored. So the larger the hard drive the much more documents, music, videos etc you could have.

CD Drive
You don’t need to have a CD drive, this really is the easiest way to install your operating-system. You can also install your operating-system through USB pen.

The actual RAM or random access storage is where any running applications are stored, so if you had been using a word processor for example Microsoft Word, whilst this is being used it might be running in RAM, so the greater RAM you have the more programs you are able to run without affecting your systems performance an excessive amount of and slowing down your pc.